Web Site Maintenance

We Offer Innovative Solutions

At Select Solutions, we provide fast, reliable, affordable and high-quality website maintenance for small and large businesses, organizations and nonprofits.

Moreover, we save you time, money, and stress, because we become your virtual in house support staff, making sure your site stays up and your software and content are updated as needed, when needed. ALL of our updates are performed within 24 hours of our receiving the new content.


• Text and graphics updates
• Monthly changes to keep your visitors updated.
• Optimize website for search engines
• Transfer site to new domain or web server host
• Code validation and cross-browser compatibility testing
• Add or update a blog (WordPress)
• Improve navigation, site organization, and/or ease-of-use for site visitors
• Add Ecommerce functionality (PayPal or Google Checkout)
• Add Contact or information gathering forms
• Add Photo Galleries
• Add email signup feature
• Optimize images on website for fast loading
• Add Google Analytics (free visitor analysis tool)

Let us maintain and manage your website while you concentrate on what you do best! We are the one call/click solution to keeping your site up to date with the latest technology.

Most of our web hosting plans come with 2 hours of web maintenance per quarter included.

Or we can maintain your site where it is now hosted for $35 a month, paid quarterly which will allow you 2 hours of web maintenance per quarter. Additional billed at reduced rate of $65 an hour. By the way, 95% of all our clients never exceed that 2 hour a quarter allocation. Yes, we are fast in making updates to your site.

Contact us today and get your updates made today!