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Internet marketing is the marketing of products, services and ideas over the internet. While internet marketing uses the basic marketing concepts that have been used for years, it also requires knowledge of how people seek information online and the best way to market based upon your product or service.

To successfully promote anything online, you need to understand marketing, but also how internet marketing works.   Our head developer has a degree in Marketing and graduated with honors. He worked with one of the largest corporations in the U.S. for 25 years in that field, assisting businesses with sales over 5 million dollars a year. That combined with our 14 years experience in internet marketing allow us to ability to use this vast experience in assisting you be more effective and profitable with your online ventures.

Today, internet marketing makes use of search engines, online advertising vehicles such as social networks, article distribution sites, and include blogs and forums as well as other methods to get the word out about a web site.

In order to succeed at internet marketing, you need two things: A good web site that is search engine optimized. We do this very well and can show you 50 examples of just how well we get sites found in the search engines. The percentage of internet users who use search engines on a typical day has been steadily rising from about one-third of all users in 2002, to a new high of just under one-half (49%). With this increase, the number of those using a search engine on a typical day is pulling ever closer to the 60% level. SEO is not longer an after thought, it is an import part of any internet marketing strategy. Secondly you need a good internet marketing team. Internet marketing is not easy and requires full knowledge of how people seek to find information online. The objective is to draw as much targeted traffic to your web site as possible. The more targeted people who are drawn to your web site, the more chance you have of selling a product, service or getting your idea across.  Our 14 years experience qualifies us in that regard.

We can manage every aspect of your interactive strategy or work directly with your existing teams to provide expert guidance and recommendations. we are well-educated industry experts with over 28 years of experience in the areas of:

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